Geography of Careers: Where to Find Lucrative Geographer Job Roles?

15 January 2024


Well, I’ve been thinking the last several years about careers and where all those good jobs might be hiding. So, being a map enthusiast throughout my life for an umpteenth time geography was always the most interesting subject.

However, at around the time when I was just a young adult beginning my career in this field, there is something that comes to mind and admits it frankly confuses me as to what exactly kinds of employment were available for individuals like myself.

I mean we all have read about the national geographic photographers who travel to beautiful lands. But what else is truly out there really?

I began to dig it around the internet attempting to find an answer for that question and what a surprise. I would have never thought that the world of geographic careers is as large and wealthy like this!

1st of all, let me simply state this; if you love puzzles and solving problems, analyzing patterns in huge data sets or like to hook up new technologies with exploring our world, take a look at geography as your career choice. Job opportunities are indeed out there for those willing to look in the right places.

Let me walk you through some of the top specialized Geographer jobs I’ve uncovered in my geographical journey through Geographer jobs website:

First are the spatial data scientists. These individuals employ advanced programming and analytics to interpret relationships in location-based big data. Now, talk about an occupation at the point where technology and exploration meet! The salary scales for these jobs are just staggering too – often as high as several figures.

Geomatics engineering is another hot spot. It is a combination of surveying, remote sensing, GIS and engineering used in the design process as well as implementing mapping technology. Consider, for instance, self-driving cars or satellite imaging systems.

Again, solid potential to be paid well as these skills are in demand. Do you want to work in government with geography directly? Search for GIS analyst positions in federal agencies such as the department of transport or national parks service. Job security and benefits abound.

These days, the development of our metropolitan areas is being directed by city planners who are also profitable. To solve problems with housing, transportation, and sustainability, apply your geographic knowledge.

There are chances in the private sector as well. To research consumer behavior, find new locations, and counsel corporate customers, developers and consulting companies use a variety of specialists, including market analysts and economic geographers. 

Well, I'll admit that it may get a little boring to scroll through job advertisements for positions like "geographic technician" and "cartography assistant." However, as I discovered throughout my research, if you know within which to go above the standard names, there are more finer geographic spots available. 

One of the most amazing positions I saw on a platform to search for jobs? As a marine geographer, I charted remote oceanic regions and worked on private yachts all over the globe.

What could be better than a break from the monotony of a cubicle? or How about working as an environmental consultant and getting paid to hike through woods, evaluate potential conservation areas, and counsel local communities?

In addition, augmented reality, sensor networks, and drones are all part of the rapidly expanding discipline of geomatics. As emerging technologies alter mapping, early adopters stand to benefit.

You may find many job opportunities in the private sector on Jobingis that require skills with GIS, computer vision, remote piloting, and other related areas.

Evidently, print maps are no longer the exclusive source of location! “Hey, are you looking for some interesting research projects in geography? Then take a look at the professional groups on Jobingis.” They have tons of info on conferences, top employers and even ways in which you can try to enhance your skills in geomatics.

Besides, there are a lot of other jobs that you never hear about. Now, do not misunderstand me; I am saying that conventional geography positions are still relevant in society today but there is definitely an emerging culture of jobs involving data, technology and consulting which you may have never heard about.

And by the way, what a great asset it is for many industries to have this regional mindset!

Therefore, don't discount the various aspects of a profession that involves traveling the world if you're wanting to combine your hobbies with effect and pay.

Take off and begin investigating; you never know where your next travel destination could be waiting for you.



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